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LIGHTCRAFT 2020 Supplement

LIGHTCRAFT 2020 Supplement


For many years, overhead lighting pendants and paper lanterns have been a standard feature in outdoor lighting design. They signify celebrations such as weddings, festive events and gatherings. The issue with many of these products is that they are not meant for year-round applications. Paper lanterns cannot be exposed to wet locations, are not certified for long term outdoor use and are in most cases high voltage. Additionally, most of these products fall under the category of “holiday lighting” which has a UL safety rating of only 90 days. However, with the introduction of new materials, overhead lighting pendants can now be used in outdoor environments for long term use.These new products are now available by Lightcraft Outdoor in 12v (low voltage) and work in conjunction with standard landscape transformers. The other option is 120v, which is hardwired to a standard junction box. Accessories include galvanized guy/suspension cable, LED lamp options and assorted mounting hardware.Exterior Designers, Landscape Architects and Outdoor Professionals can now implement new designs in their projects. The materials include UV Acrylic Pendants, Organic Vine Spheres and Brass Geo Domes. These products are available in several diameters and suspend from long outdoor cord sets. The Acrylic series is also available in several color options.Mix and Match – These pendants can be designed and installed in assorted sizes and colors for a custom “look.” Decorating trees, pergolas and outdoor structures is now more exciting than ever.




A compilation of innovative landscape lighting products and accessories.

  • Path Lights
  • Candle Lights
  • Romantic Flickering Lights
  • Flexible Strip Lighting
  • Mini String Lights
  • 12v Dimmer